Meet Liat

Hi! I’m Liat Buckman, born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. As a ballerina and gym rat in high school, my health food craze meant that the workers at my local Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s knew me by name. While my classmates were using their lunch breaks to drive to Cleveland’s finest kosher pizza stores, I chose to drive to the Whole Foods right down the road from my school. My friends used to tease me by calling all my food bird food. Today, as a yoga instructor and fitness enthusiast, I am in constant search of superfoods and recipes that not only keep my diet clean, but taste qualitatively delicious. If you were to ask my husband what my biggest compliment to food is, he’d tell you that it has to taste “fresh.”

When I made Aliyah in the summer of 2010, my whole lifestyle drastically changed. I hadn’t a clue which Israeli products could replace my go to ingredients for my kale and fruit smoothies, or my spelt pizza dough. I assumed I’d find the equivalent of Whole Foods, but after visiting any and every health food store I could find in Jerusalem during my year in seminary, and across the merkaz and Sharon, I discovered no such thing (though over the years the healthfood chains have really upped their game).

So here I am, almost 10 years later, not such a “fresh” sabra anymore, but eating healthier than ever in Israel! I have navigated my way through virtually every health food chain that exists in Israel, and I have tried and compared just about every specialty/healthy product you can think of. Eager to help my fellow olim out, I’d like to share my—Israel compatible—healthy tips and recipes with you. Join me as I navigate through healthy eating in Israel. Hopefully I can ensure that on your next visit to America you’ll only have to stock up on your Ziplock supply 😉