Is Dairy the Enemy? & Your Free Downloadable Shavuot Ebook

Dairy has always been my favorite. I think most people can say the same. It’s always hard to find a balance between eating right on Shavuot though. We are so used to having huge celebratory meals that are meat, and so when we have this one chance for a dairy feast, we cannot contain ourselves. Anyone else feel me here?

I created this ebook, one because it was time for a new one. My original ebook came out for Rosh Hashana, and the feedback I got was so invigorating. But I also put out this ebook because I wanted to give you all some recipes that won’t make you feel heavy and bloated for the next few weeks.

What Is Included in this Ebook?

Soups, Salads, Veggies, Mains and Desserts. Some fully dairy, others with a dairy free option. Because we are Jews after all, and most of us are lactose intolerant, am I right? I tried my very best to deliver a punch of flavor, with the best of ingredients, and in the most nutrient dense way. I really hope you will all enjoy! Scroll down to the bottom to get your free downloadable copy. But if you wanted to hear a bit more about dairy, and dairy in Israel in particular, read on…

What’s the deal with Dairy?

Dairy can really be a nutrient dense part of our diets if we source it correctly. Full fat, pasture raised, grass fed dairy is one of the most nutrient dense foods we can give our bodies. It’s the dairy that we often eat with heaps of processed sugar, or the low fat versions, and the artificial additives that we often pair with it, that gives us the issues. In fact, the whole low fat revolution started when obesity started to rise in the US. This was in response to the industrialized production of food and all the new processed sugar that was being pumped into our products. In response, the health foundations thought it to be a fat overconsumption issue. But in fact, the lowering of fat in our diets depleted the nutrient profile in the standard American diet even more. But quality dairy, that has been paired with other nutrient dense ingredients can actually do so much to fuel our bodies. Did you know that our hormones are mostly built of fat? We NEED quality sources of fat to build optimal hormone function and to give us energy!

Fat is Not What’s Making you Fat

When we look at toddlers, we are told to give them full fat dairy. Ever wonder why? Because fat lines the nerves that are rapidly developing in those toddlers. They build their hormones, fuel the brain ,and take a crucial role in growth and development. Fat is not the enemy. When we think about diabetics, they are always told to pair carbohydrates with a fat source. This is because fat also slows down blood sugar levels from increasing too rapidly. Fat is also stored in our bodies as fuel stores. When we are in desperate need of energy (think a fast), our fat tissue literally provides us with energy to push on. And one last reason why fat is our friend: because without it, some of the crucial vitamins and minerals that our bodies need for basic physiological function would never get absorbed. Basically, we NEED fat in our lives. And we need quality fat. So don’t be shy of that full fat dairy my friends. It ain’t what making you fat.

Quality of Dairy

Now when it comes to quality of dairy, it’s a bit tricky. Because cows who are fed grain and who are constricted to roam become quite sick. Not to mention, cows are not naturally meant to be producing milk for as long as most dairy farmers require them to produce it. A lot about the dairy industry is concerning, and unnatural. Thus, whenever possible, it’s best to choose organic, pasture raised and grass fed dairy. That type of dairy is quite difficult to source in Israel. But the good news is that there are so many local farmers who make their own dairy that are really raising healthy cows. Sourcing those farmers out can not only be beneficial to your health, but can also save you some money. And getting to know the farmers in your area can never be a bad idea. Another option is to look at goat and sheep’s dairy, which is less industrialized in general and can often provide a lot of nutrient density to our diets. Israel happens to have a lot of this, and many of the local farmers in small moshavim pride themselves on producing preservative free dairy products. Something we definitely should not take for granted.

There’s much more to say on the topic of dairy in general. But we’ll keep that for another time. For now, I just wanted to highlight that fact that most of these recipes are paired with quality ingredients, and no processed sugar whatsoever. So live a little and enjoy your Shavuot this year knowing that dairy can be your friend 🙂

Stay Tuned for What’s to Come

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about some of the quality dairy products I have personally sourced and use here in Israel.

Download Your Shavuot Ebook Here

For now, get cooking my fresh sabras! Here’s your downloadable Shavuot Ebook.



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