The Benefits of Sprouted Everything

Let’s first define what sprouted means. It’s actually just as it sounds. Sprouts are grains, beans, or seeds that have small sprouts coming out of them. This is usually done through soaking and then allowing the “sprouts” to grow in the wet environment. In scientific terms, this process is referred to as germinating.

Why do this? Because sprouting beans, seeds, and grains actually returns a lot more nutrients to these foods. It takes it back to its “growing form,” and as I tell all my clients, food that is as close as possible to its ground grown form, is the most nourishing form we can give our bodies. 

Which nutrients are increased with sprouting?

Just about everything, but most notably, protein, vitamins and minerals (specific to each food group), and antioxidants.

In fact, sprouted food usually has a nice amount of protein that can be considered an adequate source of plant based protein.

Sprouted foods are also known to aid in weight loss, help regulate blood sugar levels (for all those diabetics/IR amongst us), and our bodies are much more willing to process them. When we mimic the “ground/growing” form of foods, our bodies identify them and accept them as energy sources and building blocks. The body then goes on to process them for their intended roles, and distributes them to the organs/tissues/body parts that need them.

So what can you sprout? Here are a few ideas you can try on your own:

Mung beans, adzuki beans, soybeans. All dry beans I’ve had success in sprouting on my own.

Other sprouts you can find in most health food stores around Israel:

Sprouted wheat and spelt, sprouted peas, sprouted lentils, sprouted brown rice and oats. I tend to look for sprouted bread because if I can get bread that has a significant amount of plant-based protein, I feel victorious. I was an Ezekiel bread lover in the States, and have yet to find a brand that I love here. But, I have found a frozen brand that is decent with some doctoring and love. I’ll try to post a recipe soon, so stay up to date!

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