The Ultimate Rosh Hashanah Recipe Collection

I feel like this recipe book has brought me full circle. When I started this blog, we were just starting these crazy Corona times. I had less commuting to do since school was now remote, and had a bunch of hungry mouths to feed. I used the first lockdown to really develop my brand. With the help of some amazingly talented women entrepreneurs who helped with everything from branding, style design, web development, and photography. You know who you are. I used the time to pursue this blog dream I’ve had for a really long time. To share my passion of food and healthy eating, fueling eating and living. This has always been my passion, and took me a few kids and degrees later to truly take the plunge and make the career switch. It has been the most rewarding, fulfilling, passion boosting decision I have made. I love this community of healthy eating seekers. I love this community of other fellow ‘fresh sabras’ who are just looking for the best health food products out there. And I have experienced a tremendous amount of positive feedback worldwide that has truly warmed my heart. This was simply a passion I have always loved, and Covid times has turned this passion into a reality. I feel so lucky to have come this far.

On a more personal level, this blog has been my savior. Because I am with the kids by day, in school by night. Finals and labs, and figuring out how to feed and entertain my kids each day. And many days traveling long hours to be with my father for his cancer treatments (which was diagnosed amidst this whole Corona debacle). In between the lines this blog has been my escape. Because this is my true passion. Healthy eating, healthy living, helping others see the beauty in the fuel G-d has given us; all of these make me smile from ear to ear. They say a career that you are passionate about doesn’t feel like a job. This cannot be more true for me.

And now we are on the merge of another lockdown. Another chag in isolation. Another chag where we are forced to be away from our extended families, or the friends that have become family. And we are forced to stay home and try to connect with G-d on the most important and daunting times of the Jewish calendar. But if I learned anything from the first lockdown, it’s that with every challenge comes a tremendous opportunity to shine. This Rosh Hashanah, we can spend in close quarters with our immediate families. We can get to know ourselves even deeper. We have the chance for true, uninterrupted introspection. The first lockdown was a blessing for me and my family. I started the blog, excelled at school, connected with a handful of professionals in the health and fitness industry. But most importantly, I had a healthy kitchen, a healthy movement routine in place (for my family as well), I bonded with my kids better than I ever have, and my relationship with my husband has soared higher than I even knew existed. My body and soul benefitted so much.

I know there are the ugly sides of Corona, and lockdown. But if I can bring some happy food creativity to even one home this lockdown, I will feel fulfilled.

We are blessed to have access to the best of the best fruits and vegetables. After all, Rosh Hashanah is centered around the produce that G-d has given us. These simanim are so much more than just food, they have nutrients, and microbiomes and fueling properties that our bodies crave, that our bodies need. And G-d is telling us to eat them! Think about this for a second: we start the year being told to eat nutrient dense produce and to find the beauty in them. G-d is literally starting our year off on a healthy, natural foot! Let’s use that to find the inner beauty in the things He has given us, and to use his fruits (literally though) to fuel us forward, to reach new heights.

My hope and prayer is that each and everyone of you uses this time for true growth, introspection, family bonding, and truly develop a healthy mind body and soul for the upcoming year. Here’s to a Corona free 5781 with all the special gems we have gained through it all.

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Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Liat, a certified yoga instructor and dietician in training. My goal is to help you navigate healthy living here in Israel with recipes and tips that will show you just how doable healthy eating can be without sacrificing the dishes that you love! Happy navigating fellow fresh sabras xoxo

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